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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646039.


Welcome to ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus 

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus  |  From Local Trials
Towards a European Knowledge Community

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus is an initiative of 21 European countries and regions. The vision for Smart Grids in Europe is to create an electric power system that integrates renewable energies and enables flexible consumer and production technologies. Our aim is to support the development of the technologies, market designs and customer adoptions that are necessary to reach this goal. Read more

News! from the Initiative

NEWS  | 3rd Joint Call has opened on September 14, 2017

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus welcomes project proposals for transnational RDD Projects on Smart Grids until November 14th. The total available Budget is 8.5 Mio €.  |  Read more

EVENT | ERA-Net SG+ at European Utility Week 2017

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus hosted a number of events at the EUW 2017 in Amsterdam (October 2-5). Two projects represented at the exhibition - 3rd joint call for transnational projects launched. Read more

EVENT | Successful Kick-Off for 2nd Call Projects, Bucharest 2017

Between June 7 and 9, 2017, the annual ERA-Net SG+ project event and a meeting of the Knowledge Community working groups was held in Bucharest. The event included the kick-off for the projects of the 2nd Call and the public announcement of the 3rd Call.  |  Read more

NEWS | Funded projects of 2nd ERA-Net SG+ Joint Call start in 2017

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus approved 9 projects from 8 regions/countries for funding within the 2nd Joint Call. Projects will start their activities in 2017.   |  Read more

Enhancing Transnational Cooperation

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus provides a variety of possibilities and platforms to share expertise and cooperation interests between members of the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus Community. These platforms can be used in various ways to enhance joint activities for existing collaboration and/or project submissions for open ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus calls. Find here a list of platforms that are open to stakeholders of the initiative.  |  Read more

Partners of our initiative

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus is a partnership with funding programs. A list of our cooperating national funding partners can be found here.  


Smart Grids Plus

3rd Joint Call for Transnational RDD Projects on Smart Grids - open from September 2017

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus has launched a new call for proposals for European transnational projects on Smart Grids. The call has opened on September 14, 2017. The total available budget is €8.5 million. Read more

Time Schedule

  • 14 Sep. 2017: Call launch
  • 3-5 Oct. 2017: Call Launch Event
  • 5 Oct. 2017: Matchmaking Event
  • 14 Nov. 2017 (14:00 CET): Project proposal deadline
  • 1 July - 1 Dec. 2018: Expected project start

3rd Joint Call Webinars

Register here for our webinars to present the 3rd Joint Call for Transnational RDD Projects on Smart Grids.   

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